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A little boost, perhaps?

So I posted this a little over three years ago, and ended up never writing anything for the challenge. But I wanted to repost and see if anyone would be interested in joining me for the challenge (I promise I'll actually write something this time)?

Ok, so I know that in my previous post, I talked about how I wanted to get back to writing. And I meant it, I really did. The problem, though, is that I've been away so long that I think I'm sort of rusty. Jumping back into a long fic is a bit over my head right now, and I'm plumb out of ideas for short stories. So I thought, maybe I'll post an idea for a challenge and see if anyone's interested. That way, anybody else who's been away for a while can use this as sort of a segue to get back into writing, and those who have been here can have some fresh stories to read.

I know we sort of missed the Valentine's Day boat by a few days, so I was thinking of a challenge related to Spring. I'm really leaning towards the Spring Cleaning bit - I, for one, am tired of this cold weather and ready to think warm, springlike thoughts. So here's my idea: What if we wrote something about how John deals with the changing of the seasons? Maybe he does spring cleaning around his house. Perhaps he has to do some emotional and mental spring cleaning. Maybe he takes a vacation, and maybe he pulls out bits and pieces of old lyrics that he's written but never formed into songs and tries to make something of them. Maybe he's alone, and maybe he's one half of a set. Maybe he gets depressed with the coming of spring, and maybe the changing of the season awakens him from a winter depression. But whatever it is that we think John does to welcome the coming of the new season, let's write about it. What do you guys think? If anyone has another idea for a challenge, I'll take that too! Just trying to get the creative juices in my brain flowing, seeing as they seem to have dried up...
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