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For all your John Mayer fan fic needs!

John Mayer Fan Fiction
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Welcome to JMayer_FanFic, the site with the biggest collection of John Mayer fan fiction around. Our stories are quirky, and our writers are too. Come join the fun! ;)

Community Guidelines

1. Most important rule: STAY POSITIVE! The community is open to anyone who has something to say or write. Many of our writers are very open to suggestion or critique, and look at posting as a way to get feedback. Others simply write for a release or for fun. It's up to them to decide how much or how little feedback they want (see #2 below.) Read through the comment threads of a few stories to get the hang of it - discussion and speculation are always welcome!

Comments are where the community happens, so be mindful that we are, first and foremost, a community.

2. To go alongside rule #1, please abide by what the individual writer has asked for regarding critique. Some don't mind a comment thread with help or specific critique, some do. Please keep it constructive, and if you aren't sure about something, discuss it privately with the individual writer.

3. Please rate your stories when you post them so people will be warned about what they are reading. (Ratings are as follows: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17.) If your story is slash, please label it as such.

4. Put all stories under an LJ cut. Posting stories directly into the post takes up too much space. Stories posted that way will be deleted.

5. Since this is RPF (real person fiction), we often get asked about including the REAL JM's girlfriends in our stories. The general rule? We're writing a character called "John Mayer" and...this is fiction. What fun would it be to bring the real world into it? That being said, tread lightly. Likewise, be careful with John's family. Use their names if you like, but remember that you don't know them personally, and you are writing characters.

6. Fic challenges can be organized and posted anytime and on any subject, as long as ideas remain related to John Mayer.)

7. Please be mindful of the number of multi-chapter stories you have going, and try to keep your active stories to 3 or less at a time - shorts and challenges are exceptions. If you decide to stop writing a story, whether permanently or for an extended amount of time, give us a little post stating that you will be doing so.

8. If anything offends or concerns you, or if you are unsure of something, drop a line to one of the mods - we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We want everyone to be welcome and to get what they want from the community, whether it's a place to get feedback and hone your writing craft, or it's just a place to read and contribute something to blow off steam and forget the real world for a minute!!

Other than that, there are basically no other limitations to what you can post. As long as the story is rated and under a cut, you're fine.

Feel free to post these buttons (made by anniesaysrelax) on various sites and link them back to the Community.

If you'd like to be an affiliate, just e-mail Jaden at JadenMayer83@gmail.com


Maintenance Staff
Archivist Mais Fantastique: Bizzle sexy_kinda06
Graphic Artiste Extraordinaire: Jen jenscriitor

If you have any questions or want to help keep us up to date, drop either of these fantastic ladies a line.

Jaden (Founder): chino_lover07
JMFG: jmfangrrl
Casey: casey_malone

Beta Readers
Our community actively supports beta reading! If you need a second set of eyes on something, or are just nervous and want some reassurance, we're here for you! If you'd like to be a beta reader (it's a great way to sneak-peek a story!), are in need of a beta and want a referral, send a PM to jmfangrrl and we'll get you going.

Weekly PSA
Every Saturday morning, we post a Public Service Announcement (PSA), called the "Saturday Morning Feel", with reminders, updates, announcements and more! If you have anything you'd like included, please PM one of the mods. We'd also like to feature a "historic" story each week - so feel free to nominate a favorite, or one of your own older stories - something you loved reading and would love to share with our new faces.

Happy Reading! We're glad you're here!